Sara Reardon

Sara Reardon

Biomedical reporter at Nature

I'm a journalist covering biomedical news and policy for Nature magazine. Previously at Science and New Scientist.

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The Washington Post

Chopin's hallucinations may have been caused by epilepsy

Sara Reardon. ScienceNOW. Monday, January 31, 2011; 5:44 PM. In 1848, Polish composer and piano virtuoso Frederic Chopin was performing in Paris when ......

The Washington Post

Students who wrote about anxiety over math test did better than others in study

By Sara Reardon. ScienceNOW. Monday, January 24, 2011; 9:01 PM. Got worries about a test? Write them off. Your entire future depends on this exam....

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The Washington Post

Obama’s goal of mapping the human brain poses big challenges to scientists

Success of initiative will require finding noninvasive ways to record the firing of individual neurons....

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The Washington Post

Study finds climate change driving salmon evolution

Salmon appear to be evolving in response to warming trends....

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The Washington Post

Gulf War veterans show abnormalities in scans of their brains

Findings add to consensus that Gulf War Syndrome should be treated with painkillers, not counseling....

The Washington Post

Tree fruit farmers fault FDA proposals

Tree fruit farmers say agency’s new produce standards defy common sense, are costly and offer few safety benefits....